Greg Weeks – George Harrison


Greg started music at an early age taking up the Banjo at the age of eight and then adding Saxophone to his repertoire in Junior High. After learning the skill of Bluegrass picking from Canadian Banjo Champion Jamie McPherson, Greg entered the Canadian Banjo Championships in Durham Ontario and Placed third in the under Sixteen yrs of age category. Wanting to play his first love “Rock n Roll” he picked up the Bass Guitar shortly thereafter and continued developing his ear for music, eventually landing a musical director spot on Canadian television’s “The Badger Show”. After playing in the original band “Galloway” with his older brother for five years he joined the successful independent band “Feel”, a band that won many honours in Toronto including two victories in the Labatt’s Toronto Band Wars competitions and features in the internationally circulated magazines Hit Parader, Metal Edge and Cream. The band also has a song featured in the Walt Disney movie “A Kid In King Auther’s Court” from their album “This” which had a video in rotation on Much Music (the Canadian equivalent of MTV). Greg has helped Burak manage The Beatlemaniacs since 1997,touring the world with Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines.

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