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On February 22, 2013

Beatlemaniacs full ProductionWelcome to the official site of The Beatlemaniacs! Within the site you will find an assortment of live footage, photos, bios, interesting FAQs, and so much other groovy stuff about the band! Please visit us regularly as we are always adding new photos and updating the site, and “like” us on our Facebook page!


The Beatlemaniacs, live in concert!


Millions of people are familiar with the story of The Beatles… from Liverpool to New York, Shea Stadium to the rooftop concert – it is a story that’s been covered many times on TV documentaries and by countless Beatles tribute acts everywhere. It is a chapter in history that no one gets tired of hearing, as four lads from Liverpool were launched from obscurity to become the biggest band in the world, a band that defined an entire generation. By the time the band broke up in 1970, they had already established themselves as legends and changed the direction of music and pop culture forever. So ends Chapter One.

Chapter Two: The Beatles went their separate ways in pursuit of solo careers, producing great music of their own. Often times John, Paul, George and Ringo worked with each other and gave tantalizing glimpses into a world with The Beatles back together again. But sadly, the ultimate reunion with all four legends on stage at one time never happened. Adoring fans never did get to witness the concert they had dreamed of… until now!

The Beatlemaniacs turn the page on history, and bring you Chapter Three: The Reunion Concert that never was! The Beatlemaniacs turn imagination into reality, bringing The Beatles back together in a fully produced live concert experience! The Beatlemaniacs are the only group to reunite The Fab Four in a one-of-a-kind post-Beatles showcase, including several of the band’s solo album hits never performed live as “The Beatles.”  The Beatlemaniacs have been rocking international audiences worldwide in theaters and concert halls everywhere. As a top headliner on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, they were nominated “Entertainer of the year” and voted best musical act on Princess Cruises.


Bringing Yesterday Here Today


The live music concert experience of the 50’s and 60’s was very limited by the technology available at that time. The Beatlemaniacs give concert-goers a sample of what The Beatles would sound like in today’s music scene. The authentic analog sounds of the 1960’s are enhanced with modern digital improvements that bring out otherwise hidden nuances of the original performances. Entire orchestras are triggered by the band using samples and effect pedals. Spectacular lighting and multi-media effects, visual images and wardrobe changes all come together in a full concert production. State of the art amplification treats audiences to sounds within the songs that until now has gone unnoticed to the untrained ear.


A concert with The Beatlemaniacs follows no specific timeline or chronology – it is not a documentary, it is a modern day rock & roll concert experience. Studio gems that never saw a live stage are mixed in with mop top hits, psychedelic classics, and solo material that The Beatles never performed together as a band. Anything goes! When creating a dream concert experience, there are no limits to imagination, there are no rules – there is only the music, and no one does it better than The Beatlemaniacs!

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